#FirstGenDocsFeature: Meet Dr. Ciera Graham!

“My name is Dr. Ciera Graham. I recieved my PhD in Sociology at the University of Cincinnati in August 2015. My dissertation focused on the role of Black student organizations at predominately white rural and urban campuses.  I am now working as the Director of the Everett Community College East County Campus in Monroe, WA. I credit a lot of my success as a first-generation college student to a strong network. As a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, I was able to gain insider knowledge about graduate school, and build meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and other first generation college students who served as mentors, friends and confidantes. I experienced a lot of uncertainties throughout the doctoral process, but I was able to rely on a network that could help me work through these uncertainties and help me to understand that my feelings were common. I also wasn’t afraid to build and cultivate a community that was not afforded to me by my own graduate school department. As someone who wanted to work in administration instead of pursuing a tenure track faculty position, I had to build experiences and relationships with  people who were not in faculty positions. This helped me strengthen my experience in student affairs and led to me securing my first position after I finished my PhD.”

Dr. Ciera Graham

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